Middle States Performance Objectives

Part of the accreditation process involves defining objectives to be worked by the school community over the next seven years. These objectives need to be focused on growth and improvement. Two of our objectives are student focused and one objective is focused on organizational growth and improvement. Below are Mercy Career and Technical High School objectives which have been approved by the Middle States Association:

First Student Performance Objective (Healthy Living)

By the year 2021, students at Mercy Career & Technical High School "Mercy CTE" will demonstrate a healthier physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness as measured by:

  • By twelfth grade, at least 50% of Mercy CTE students will meet the FITNESSGRAM® Healthy Fitness Zone standards of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program
  • 75% of the student body will eat a nutritionally-balanced lunch according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Choose My Plate tool (www.choosemyplate.gov).
  • Mercy CTE students will demonstrate growth regarding the following questions contained in the Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (http://www.dsescale.org/DSES.pdf):


I feel God's love for me, through others.

I feel a selfless caring for others.

I feel God’s presence.

Growth Target

50% will respond
every day or more

45% will respond
every day or more

55% will respond
every day or more

Second Student Performance Objective (21st Century Learning)

By the year 2021, graduates of Mercy Career & Technical High School will improve 21st century learning skills as measured by:

  • Before the twelfth grade, all students will successfully complete a capstone project with a grade of 80% or higher according to the Mercy CTE capstone rubric.
  • Before graduation, 90% of students will complete an online digital portfolio that meets the Mercy CTE online digital portfolio standards.

Organizational Capacity Objective (Recruitment and Retention)

By the year 2021, Mercy Career & Technical High School will improve the recruitment and retention of students as demonstrated by:

  • Mercy CTE will increase the number of families capable of paying full tuition to 20% of the freshman student population.
  • Mercy CTE will retain 80% of the freshman class through graduation.