Congratulations Class of 2021

Hello Graduates!

You did it!  Some days in person.  Some days online.  Now, all days completed!

Take a tour through some highlights of the year, read well-wishes from the faculty, administration, alums, and Board Members and know how #mercyproud we are of you. 

Thank you for leaving each other with such wonderful memories. Now, go out into the world and make more of your own.  Be good,  be strong, and always know Mercy is a family you can come back to.

"Celebrate and enjoy, you deserve all the best. Go into the world and use the gifts you developed here to make the world a better place. Work for justice, spread love and kindness. You are awesome!"

Well - Wishes from Faculty & Administration

Alumni Shout-Outs!

Congrats from our Board!

2021 Capstones

#Pfizer #Vaccinated

The grass is always greener....on our side!

The Class....and BUS....of 2021

You may have heard a little bit about this......  #Mercyonthemove


Thank you, Jadyn!

Thank you, Bill!

Rahmir, it's you!

Looking good, Cos!

100 Days Celebration

Wishing You Success!

Best of Luck - From Us to You!