Student Policies

Mercy Career and Technical High School's "Mercy CTE" Student/Parent Handbook defines the student code of conduct, academic integrity, school uniform, and other information related to school operations. Students sign an agreement which signifies the student will abide by Mercy CTE school policy.

For student absences:

A parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office at 215-226-1225 ext. 119 or email as early as possible the morning of the student's absence.  

Please make sure to state:

  • Your name
  • The student's name
  • The reason for the student's absence

Regular attendance is crucial to a student's academic success and social development. We appreciate all you do to make sure your student is in school consistently. Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for more information. 


Mercy Career & Technical High School Student/Parent Handbook

Mercy Career & Technical High School Technology Acceptable Use Policy