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The Guidance Center at Mercy Career & Technical High School consists of professional counselors whose primary goal is to serve our students as well as their families in meeting success!


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In this section, we will share articles, resources, and news that might be useful for parents/guardians thinking about their child/adolescent's well-being.

Of course, if we can help in any way, please utilize us as a resource. Check back frequently for updates.

This article from Huffpost.com talks about everything you ever wanted to know about therapy, whether you've been once or 100 times.

Meet the Team

Ms. Mary Terese Lopata, LCSW 

  • Director of Guidance
  • School Social Worker 
  • 12th grade School Counselor
  • 11th and 10th grade L-Z School Counselor 

Ms. Stacy Newton, LSW, MSW, MBA (Catapult Family Connections Liaison)

  • 11th and 10th grade A-K school counselor
  • (Title 1 eligibility) 

Ms. Teena Weisler-Vega, LSW, CTP             

  • 9th grade School Counselor (A-Z)
  • School Social Worker



Emotional Support/Therapy dog   



Ms. Lindsay Thudium:  Cora Counselor

Ms. Anastasia Muya:   Cora Psychologist

Ms. Rachel McMahon:  Cora Speech Therapist

Ms. Ronnie Nocello:  Catapult Title 1 Reading 

Mr. Charles Walker:  Catapult Title 1 Math Teacher

Ms. Jesse Seaverns:  Catapult EANS Tutor

Guidance Resource Center

Student Assistance Program


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is made up of a team of adults chosen from the faculty who have been trained to help high-risk students with behavioral problems, which may be related to such issues as abuse, depression, suicide or the use of drugs/alcohol.

The SAP team has two (2) goals.  First, to help the student prevent their behavioral problems from escalating to a level that requires disciplinary action.  Second, to help each student develop the necessary skills to enable them to accept responsibility for their feelings, experiences and situations in a healthy manner.