Our 2024 Capstones are scheduled for Friday, May 17th.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a capstone is a “high point: crowning achievement”.


At Mercy Tech, students use all of the skills they’ve built over the course of their 4 years here, highlighting their educational and intellectual experience. Performed at the end of senior year, students start formulating their topic, profession or social issue. Working with and/or calling on mentors in their field of interest, students are guided through the project, gaining knowledge of their chosen topic, and real-world experience, where possible.


Why Capstones?

  • An opportunity for students to highlight their educational accomplishments
  • Form a connection, and become immersed in, a field of interest
  • Provide students the opportunity to exhibit their research, critical thinking, and presentation skills
  • Create/ boost self-confidence. The process of thoroughly studying a subject and collaborating with an experienced mentor provides feelings of accomplishment

Major Capstone milestones include:

  • Conducting thorough research on the project
  • Maintaining a portfolio detailing the steps taken
  • Creating a final presentation demonstrating steps that were taken and what was learned
  • Presenting to a panel of Mercy Tech faculty, administration and Alumni


Take a look at some recent (all-virtual) Capstones:

(Opening Prayer)

(Capstone Winners)

(Sample presentation)