Co-Op Program

Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative education (Co-Op) integrates classroom-based education with a practical work experience. Students earn high school credits while working in a structured job experience called Co-Op. The Co-Op Program is a joint program between Mercy CTE and local businesses and industry. It offers qualified Mercy seniors on-the-job training in their chosen career program. Students are able to work each afternoon in paid or unpaid positions. Since the inception of the program, students have been employed in over 100 businesses throughout the Philadelphia region.

Diversified Occupations Program

The Diversified Occupations (DO) Program is a new program at Mercy CTE that will be implemented in the 2018-2019 school year. The program provides on-location skill training at local business or industry sites for students seeking employment in occupations not offered through Mercy CTE. Mercy CTE students will be paired with an employer as an apprentice to learn tasks required to earn an industry-recognized certification for their chosen program. This program offers job training opportunities, increases skills through individual and class study, and encourages attitudes and habits that meet employment standards.

Read about how our Computer Technology students use their skills to help the Philadelphia Mission Schools: Independence Mission School Work-Study Partnership.


Please email if you are interested in becoming a Co-op Partner.

2020 Co-Op Award Winners