Career Services

The Department of Career Services is directly responsible for career and technical education at Mercy Career & Technical High School.

This begins during the student’s freshman year with a Career Exploration Program and it continues with activities such as:

  • Guest speakers
  • Shop visits
  • Career Day
  • Career counseling
  • Co-Operative Education Program
  • Introduction to Naviance; our tool used for career and college planning.

Skill development is accomplished through the career and technical education programs. The Director of Career Services chairs the career and technical education department and is ultimately responsible for each shop’s curriculum. Each shop area has an Occupational Advisory Board, which also reviews each shops curriculum to ensure students are learning the latest skills. All shop's offer at least one industry-recognized certification program.

By 12th grade, the senior is involved in the Co-Operative Education Program using the skills he or she learned in a professional environment. The Director of Career Services works closely with both the student and the co-op employer to ensure a successful co-op experience.

As the student prepares for graduation, the Department of Career Services, along with the Guidance Department works with the student to define and implement his or her post secondary educational plans, either further education or full-time employment.