Reviews from

"Great sense of faith and community! A variety of shops to choose from! Teachers/Staff are enthusiastic & care! Blessed with this High School and we’re looking forward to our Son’s future!"

"Mercy helped my son become a great student and young adult. They helped him believe that anything is possible."

"Mercy is is not only strong at leadership they teach the kids to become great leaders."

"The Co-op program is a great opportunity for you to put all your skills in action and some people are actually able to turn their co-op into a full time job after graduation! I suggest taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way whether it's mentoring, community service or joining a team -- all great investments in your future!"

"The staff are really great people who genuinely care for the students. This is a very family-oriented school. where in my opinion, any child can and will succeed."

Financial Assistance & Grants



Financial Aid Contact Information:

  • William Donahue, Tuition Assistance Manager - or 215.226.1225 ext. 115


Mercy CTE Grant

These grants are funded through our tuition assistance endowment fund and our Fund for Mercy Families program. Grants are awarded for one year only and re-application must be made on an annual basis. Incoming 9th grade students will receive grant applications once they have been accepted and are officially registered at Mercy CTE.

Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award

These grants are funded through the Connelly Foundation. Grant amount is $3000 per school year applied to each of the four years the student attends Mercy CTE. The application selection process is administered at the elementary level. Every parochial school, including consolidated parochial schools in the Philadelphia, North and Philadelphia, South Vicariates, is eligible to participate. Please contact the elementary principal and/or teacher early in the school year for information on the process.

Charles E. Ellis Grant

For female students who are eligible, a tremendous funding opportunity exists through the Charles E. Ellis Grant and Scholarship Fund. Eligible students can receive significant funding for all four years.

BLOCS/Mercy CTE EITC-OSTC Scholarships

This is EITC money that has been donated through the BLOCS organization for families of Mercy CTE who qualify.

Connelly Foundation Scholarships for Sophomores and Juniors

Two sophomores are recommended by their academic and shop teachers each year for outstanding academic grades, conduct, and attendance. Each of these students receives a $5,000 scholarship for junior year, and if criteria are maintained, receives an additional $5,000 for senior year.

Family Income Guidelines

Ellis Grants or Mercy CTE Grants

Family Size Maximum (includes student) Income

  1. $21,978
  2. $30,451
  3. $38,443
  4. $46,435
  5. $54,437
  6. $62,419
  7. $70,411

*$7,733 for each additional person

BLOCS or Mercy CTE EITC Grants

Family Size Maximum (includes student) Income

  1. $90,000
  2. $93,645
  3. $109,253
  4. $124,861
  5. $140,469

*$15,608 for each additional person

The family income guidelines above are based upon those used as the Aid to Families with Dependent Children low-income guidelines. The family income guidelines above are based upon those developed by the BLOCS Office.