Financial Assistance & Grants

For more information on Financial Assistance, contact:

Mr. William Donahue
Financial Assistance Manager
215-226-1225 ext. 115


Apply for Financial Assistance:

Please call the Admissions Office at 215-226-1225 ext. 153 to obtain acopy of the Financial Assistance Application.


Grants & Scholarships


Mercy CTE Grant:

These grants are funded through our tuition assistance endowment fund and our Fund for Mercy Families program. Grants are awarded for one year only and re-application must be made on an annual basis. Incoming 9th grade students who have been accepted and are officially registered at Mercy CTE will receive grant applications beginning in January.

Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award -

These grants are funded through the Connelly Foundation. The grant amount is $3,000 per school year applied to each of the four years the student attends Mercy CTE. The application selection process is administered at the elementary level. Every parochial school, including consolidated parochial schools in the Philadelphia, North and Philadelphia, South Vicariates, is eligible to participate. Please contact the elementary principal and/or teacher early in the school year for information on the process.

Charles E. Ellis Grant - 

For female students who are eligible, a tremendous funding opportunity exists through the Charles E. Ellis Grant and Scholarship Fund. Eligible students can receive significant funding for all four years.  Ellis grant applications are available online beginning January 1st.

BLOCS/Mercy CTE EITC-OSTC Scholarships:

This is EITC/OSTC money that has been donated through the BLOCS organization or directly to Mercy for families of Mercy CTE who qualify.

Connelly Foundation Scholarships for Sophomores and Juniors:

Two sophomores are recommended by their academic and CTE teachers each year for outstanding academic grades, conduct, and attendance. Each of these students receives a $5,000 scholarship for junior year, and if criteria are maintained, receives an additional $5,000 for senior year.

Howley Foundation Scholarship -

Nick and Lorie Howley formed the Howley Foundation in 2001, with the intent of helping students, all students, regardless of economic means, receive the best education possible. The Howleys firmly believe that education is one of the most important catalysts to promoting positive change in individuals and society as a whole. The Howley Foundation awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated academic accomplishment and have significant financial need. Certain criteria are required to maintain the scholarship.

Snider Hockey Breakaway Scholarship -

Students accepted into the Breakaway Scholarship program during their final year of middle school will receive a one-year scholarship to cover full or partial tuition and school fees at one of the high schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This scholarship is renewable for up to three additional years if students continue to meet eligibility criteria. For more information on the Breakaway Scholarship, please click here. Interested students should contact the Coordinator of Middle School Programs, Erin Robinson, at or by calling 215-952-5271 to learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply for the Breakaway Scholarship.

The Children's Educational Opportunity Fund (CEO America) - Website

The Children’s Educational Opportunity Fund offers scholarships of up to $3500 to children who are enrolled in public/charter schools and wish to attend a private school (such as Mercy Tech).

Family Choice Scholarships -

The Family Choice Scholarship organization awards scholarships ranging from $300-$1000 per year to students attending private schools in the state of Pennsylvania. Visit the Family Choice website to learn more and apply.

Norphans Grant -

The Alumni of Northeast Catholic High School (Philadelphia, PA), the Norphans, provides $500 grants to children and grandchildren of North alums through the Norphan Grant. This organization also provides additional scholarships on a yearly basis. 

Children First America -

Children First America, Delaware County PA is organized for the purpose of distributing scholarships to needy families of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and will not limit its scholarships to children who attend one school only. Recipients are free to choose the schools of their choice whether private, public or parochial. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Family Income Guidelines

Ellis Grants or Mercy CTE Grants:

Family Size Maximum (includes student) Income. For Example, I claim my children, so my family size would be 3 (2 children + me). If you make under the number listed next to 3, you qualify.

  • 2   $36,482 
  • 3   $45,981
  • 4   $55,500
  • 5   $65,009
  • 6   $74,518
  • 7   $84,027
  • 8   $93,536

Add $8,732 for each additional person

The family income guidelines above are based upon those use to determine eligibility for Federal free and reduced lunch program low-income guidelines. 

BLOCS or Mercy CTE EITC/OSTC Grants:

Family Size Maximum (includes student) Income

  • 2   $127,532
  • 3   $146,620
  • 4   $165,708
  • 5   $184,796
  • 6   $203,884
  • 7   $222,972
  • 8   $242,060

Add $19,088 for each additional person

The family income guidelines above are developed by the PA Department of Economic and Community Development.