Introducing E-Sports

Mercy Tech Gaming is our NEW E-sports team! 

This is competitive gaming, just like any other sport. Rocket League is a soccer game using remote controlled cars. Matches are usually 3v3 modes with a best out of 5.

E-sports provides an opportunity for team building and the development of real-world communication skills.

Come watch!

Follow us at:


Hit the bell to be notified for our next game!

Matches are held Thursdays at 4:00PM (pending delays of course!)

Current team members:

  • Nathan Meyers
  • Bill Nguyen
  • Evan Morrison
  • Javon Mobley
  • Erik Davis
  • Ryan Brecht
  • Maeile Hillabrand

Coach:  Mr. Carchidi

The following clubs will be available ONLINE during the '20-'21 school year: