McAuley Program

The McAuley Program offers an intensive academic support structure for a student who has special learning needs and who meets the educational requirements of the program. This is a select program with a small class size. The curriculum focuses on the development of English, reading, math, study skills, and organizational skills.

The mission of the McAuley program is to provide identified students with special learning strategies so they will become more successful throughout their high school education. It is a goal to have a student leave the McAuley Program when the student’s skills improve. Upon review of student performance, the Director of the McAuley Program and Administration will determine the appropriate academic group placement for a McAuley student.

The McAuley Program is not a special education program, but an academic support program. IEPs (Individual Education Plan) are not developed or maintained for students in the McAuley Program. Parents/guardians agree to ensure completion of assignments, good attendance and conduct habits, and reinforcement of positive attitudes towards school.


A maximum of twenty-four ninth grade applicants are selected annually for participation in the program. The following is considered for acceptance into the program:

• Student application information (elementary records, report cards, attendance, effort, behavior, standardized testing, health records, current psycho educational evaluations, modifications, etc.)

• Mercy CTE entrance test results (reading, math, writing sample)

• Principal/teacher recommendation

• Individual diagnostic testing and interview under the supervision of our Mercy CTE McAuley Support Program Director

• Parent interview with Mercy CTE administrator


The McAuley students are rostered into regular high school academic classes except for English and mathematics. In addition to English and math, the McAuley program also addresses skills such as organization, note taking, test taking techniques and transitional skills. The McAuley team consists of one Special Education Director, English teachers, math

teachers and one reading specialist. This team collaborates on an ongoing basis with academic and career & technical teachers. They assist teachers with understanding student needs, developing appropriate teaching strategies and providing the academic support required to allow McAuley students to meet with success. Students who are no longer in need of additional support can move out of the McAuley Program. Conversely, any student who is determined to need the services can be admitted into the program if space permits.


The McAuley student is expected to be dedicated to his/her education at Mercy CTE as demonstrated by:

• Consistent and continuous effort

• Good attendance

• Homework completed regularly to the best of his/her ability

• Appropriate conduct and behavior

• Prepared for class and ready to work


• Smaller class sizes for English and mathematics

• Tutoring sessions

• Slower paced instruction in English and mathematics

• Tests read to student upon request from teacher

• Preferential seating in the classroom

• Speech services through CORA.