Friends of Mercy CTE

We are a group of young professionals dedicated to the success of Mercy Career & Technical High School. We seek to promote Mercy as a values-based education that shapes students into citizens who care about their workplaces, their neighborhoods, their city—our city. Mercy Career & Technical High School is a transformative option for urban youth. Along with a traditional high school education, Mercy CTE provides students with industry-recognized certifications through career and technical education programs. We believe that this is the educational model Philadelphia needs. And it works! Mercy has a 99% graduation rate, and a 97% daily attendance rate. The positive outcomes of Mercy’s students upon graduation show that their experience at the school develops them into responsible and productive adults who are well prepared to enter the workforce as highly competent, compassionate, contributing members of the global community.


Because Mercy CTE serves an “at-risk” population, 75% of Mercy families receive financial aid. Help us make education at Mercy Career & Technical High School possible for these deserving students!

We strive to support Mercy CTE by:

  • Raising awareness of the school and its mission through fun, young professional events.
  • Providing opportunities for young professionals to get involved with Mercy students through community service, mentoring, and school-sponsored activities.
  • Bolstering the Advancement Office as it seeks to expand its connection to all age groups and demographics.
  • Raising funds for specific needs of the school and students. (Our goal is to raise enough funds for one incoming freshman's full-year’s tuition.

Committee Members

Chair: Elizabeth Leis -

  • Carrie Cameron
  • Maura Ciammetti
  • Kate Lillicrapp
  • Eileen McFadden
  • Maura Murphy
  • Mary Ruskey