News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Mercy Career & Technical High School!We are pleased that you have selected and continue to select MCTHS as the high school for your sons and daughters.Thank you for the partnership and investment that you have with us.We, the administrators, faculty and staff, consider it our privilege to advance the goals and dreams of your sons and daughters.

Stay tuned to the many happenings here at Mercy CTE and join us when you can.Follow all this excitement and learning by visiting our new website, checking all its features, keeping attuned to progress on PowerSchool, watching for assignments on Edmodo and Google Classroom, calling or emailing us when you have a question, and helping your sons and daughters to make the most of all that Mercy has to offer.

On Monday, August 29, from 5PM to 7PM, we invite all of our families to the Back to School Social.Go to the calendar on our website ( and click on August 29 for more details on this event.On this new calendar, always click to find more information about an event.If there are important details, they will pop up for you.

I invite you to attend the Mini Roster Nights (Back to School for you) in September.This is your way of meeting the teachers and learning the particulars of each course.In my early August letter, you received general information which will guide your involvement.Call or email me if something extremely important keeps you from your night session.Consider sending an adult family member if you cannot attend.Please note that there is no “make-up” session this year.We want you to see the teachers on the specific night for the different grades.

I am thrilled to meet the freshmen and to notice the growth of the upperclassmen and women.All of the adults here are dedicated to the Mercy education of your sons and daughters.We will do all we can with you to make the school year 2016-2017 a successful and happy one.

May God be with us as we journey together in this school year.May God bless all our efforts and surround your sons and daughters and our students with peace, health, happiness and knowledge.

Peace and blessings,

Sister Susan

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