News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the first days of November and throughout the month, we at Mercy pause to remember our deceased loved ones and to pray for their intercession on our behalf.We, faculty and students, will gather for special prayer services and will include your families and friends in our prayers.In addition to these prayers, we are having an All Souls Interfaith Prayer Service on Wednesday, November 15 @7PM.Contact Ms. Teena Weisler ( or me if you wish to attend the service or if you want us to post a picture of a loved one in chapel.May your special people enjoy eternal rest and peace.

Let me take a moment to review with you a section of the faculty/student handbook, something which is a vital component in a Mercy school.“Mercy CTE strives to create a safe and inviting environment for students to learn and grow.To achieve this atmosphere, Mercy CTE places the highest priority on respect.”Actually, all insults, teasing, and bullying are unacceptable and work against building an atmosphere of respect.Whenever these behaviors are seen or discovered, we, at Mercy, address them.If you know something is happening, please be sure to bring it to our attention.Contact guidance, student-services personnel, or administration to alert us to any difficulties.Encourage your children to speak to one of us directly and /or to click the OWL word on the bottom of our webpage to report issues anonymously.Working together, we can keep this school a safe and peaceful place for all.

In addition to our efforts with the four classes at Mercy CTE, we are busy in recruitment efforts for the Class of 2022.Please spread the good word of Mercy to your co-workers, friends, and families and make sure they know of our Open House Thursday Evening (11/9/17) and Entrance Test Saturday Morning (11/18/17). Your insights and recommendations could prove helpful for prospective parents and guardians.If you need any details about these activities, please contact Mr. Roe at ext. 153.If you can help at Open House by meeting now or in April and greeting potential parents, please contact Mrs. Heisler.

Please do not forget to check the calendar on our website periodically for events and any changes and/or additions. Early November signals the end of the first quarter of our school year (11/10/17).The calendar and SchoolMessenger blasts will remind you of important dates when you should view PowerSchool grades, conduct, Christian service and attendance.Please take the time to review the marks in each course with your sons and daughters and encourage more of the same or a change in direction--as the case may be.Click into the blue numbers of each course and check the comments from the teachers and see if your sons and daughters are doing the best they can.Remember we are not printing paper report cards unless you call to request one.All the performance information and many more details are in PowerSchool.Thank you for your thorough review.

Of course, you can check PowerSchool daily or weekly to keep track of current progress.You can access Google Classroom to get details of each class.If you are having any trouble accessing PowerSchool or Google Classroom, please let us know.Mrs. Heisler (in the Main Office) or Mr. Burley (at ext. 120 will be happy to lead you through the process.Thank you for your partnership in the education of your children.

In preparation for the Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Day on 12/7/17, I want to start by indicating that this is an open session.Parents and guardians are welcome to come on this day and check on the progress of your sons and daughters.Some of you will be receiving mailed letters seeking your presence and support.The hours open for conferences begin at noon and conclude at 6:30 PM.It is a drop-in-during-these-times, not scheduled time.Remember that your sons and daughters are expected to attend the conference.More information will be coming.Please save the date.

We have the procedure for "Flexible Instruction Days” (school at home days) ready and in place.This is the official term for online learning at home when school is closed for snow or any other emergency reason.Assignments will come to the students by way of Google Classroom, and teachers will be online during a two-hour period for questions.When the situation arises, we will post instructions and details of FID day on the homepage of the website.Provisions will be made for the very few students who do not have the Internet at home or a data plan on cell phones.

For those of you who are alums of Mercy or have older children who are or know someone who is, please pass along news of these events.On November 20, at Gustine Recreation Center, at 6:30 PM, we will have alum/current-student basketball games for both women and men.Thanks for spreading the word.

As November comes to a close, we grow more conscious of God’s many blessings and gather to give thanks.On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff, I thank you for entrusting your sons and daughters daily to our care.We, at Mercy, are grateful for your many expressions of support and partnership.I will join you in praying that your sons and daughters, our students, will live their lives with attitudes of gratitude.May gratitude be the strongest attitude for all of us.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.I will remember you and your families in my prayers.

May God bless our endeavors and guide our November days.If there is anything that Sister Rosemary, Miss Glatts, Mr. Aument, or I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you for your partnership and cooperation.

Best wishes for peace and happiness,

Sister Susan Walsh

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